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Q: Do the hotels close at any time of year?
A: The Hotels operate throughout the year.

Q: How can I make my reservation?
A: You can make a reservation through our reservation form.

Q: Will I have to make any payment in order to confirm the reservation?
A: Yes. You must pay 30% of the full value of the reservation, in advance.

Q: How can I make the confirmation payment?
A: You will be asked to choose a payment method when you are making your reservation online.

Q: Which are the payment methods available?
A: Confirming your reservation must be done through your credit card. All remaining fees may also be paid in cash or debit card in the hotel reception. We must inform you that we do not accept cheques.

Q: Am I forced to insert the number of my credit card online?
A: No. Although we suggest you do insert your number in the online form, since it is a faster method, you may provide us the number of your credit card and expiration date by fax or telephone.

Q: Which are the secure online methods used in online reservation?
A: We use SSL protocols for encrypted communication, as you may confirm through our digital certificate available in our website. We also inform that we do not keep clients’ credit card numbers stored in our database, in order to increase our clients’ security. The numbers are only used for communicating with the bank, for authorization.

Q: Do you have transfers from and to the airport?
A: We can arrange for it, at your request. You need only to refer it in your reservation form and to supply us with your travel data, such as the flight number and the expected arrival time. Especially selected Taxi/Transfer drivers will be waiting for you at the airport. The price is about 30 euros per journey. The journey from the airport to the hotel lasts about 30 to 40 minutes.

Q: Do you provide rent-a-car services?
A: We can supply information about partner companies that provide that kind of service, when you arrive at the hotel.

Q: Do you arrange for excursions?
A: We can supply information about partner companies that provide that kind of service, when you arrive at the hotel.

Q: Do you have any dress code in the hotel facilities?
A: Our hotels have a casual atmosphere. However, we do recommend using a blazer at dinner time. We suggest using a smoking or a suit in special events such as the Christmas and the New Year’s Eve gala dinner party.

Q: From what time may I check in and until when may I check out?
A: Check in is usually done from 2 p.m. and the check out period is usually until 12 a.m. In case the customer wants a late check out we shall charge 25,00 € per room.